What’s The Future Of China’s Beauty And Wellness? Join Us For A Webinar | Jing Daily

What’s The Future Of China’s Beauty And Wellness? Join Us For A Webinar | Jing Daily

China’s wellness sector is ripe with untapped potential. Pioneering technologies in recent years have catapulted the wellness and self-care industries into number one trending positions, with a current value of more than $1.5 trillion (10.1 trillion RMB) and annual growth rate of 5 to 10 percent. 

In order to unpack these trends, Jing Daily is hosting a webinar alongside marketing consulting agency Tong Digital entitled “China’s wellness beauty trends: Scoring with Gen Z.” The event runs on Monday, August 22 at 7 am EST and offers a detailed look at all things beauty, wellness, and Gen-Z related in China. 

Moderated by Jing Daily’s Editorial Director Gemma A. Williams and sponsored by Tong, the discussion will highlight the evolution of the sector, its enduring popularity, buy-in demographics, and the monetization models brands can explore when looking to expand into the category. As Gen-Z and Millennials are the main driving forces, the focus will be on China’s young generations and their penchant for premiumization, at-home treatments, mental health, and lifestyle investments for their wellness consumption. 

Our expert panel includes: Allie Rooke, Founder of Clean Beauty Asia; Arielle Peng, Nutritionist Advisor and Trainer at Vida Glow; Jenny Zhang, Strategy Director of Tong Digital; and Zoe Ren, Business Development Manager at JD Worldwide. Together, they share their insights on successful beauty brands, related products, wellness KOLs, and much more.

Key topics will include:

  • Top trends in the wellness sector
  • Best strategies for brands entering the market
  • How to tailor products, from conception to packaging, for specific consumer bases
  • Distinguishing features to pique audience interest

China’s quickly evolving wellness market has much untapped potential for brands looking to connect with discerning consumers, especially Gen-Z and Millennials. Click here to reserve your spot and access the post-event recording for the “China’s wellness beauty trends: Scoring with Gen Z” webinar today. 



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