Will WeCom Boost Luxury Sales on WeChat? | Jing Daily

Will WeCom Boost Luxury Sales on WeChat? | Jing Daily

What Happened: On January 11, Tencent updated WeCom, a corporate communication and office tool developed by the tech giant. The upgrade allows users to access WeChat Channel and connect to Tencent Conference & Documentation by scanning their Enterprise WeChat QR codes.

In 2016, Tencent developed an enterprise set of tools for team collaboration, management, and communication with the idea of overcoming the drawbacks of using personal software at work. WeChat’s workplace sister App (also known as Qiye Weixin) helps companies facilitate internal online conversations, add customers, and most importantly, connect with the WeChat ecosystem.

The Jing Take: The customer group of companies in Enterprise WeChat is also a vital way to boost sales as it enables them to communicate and store data much easier. Plus, it helps companies with client retention, especially after staff members depart. With China’s fast staff turnover, this tool allows brands to connect with customers directly rather than through a sales assistant’s Wechat account.

In addition to improving enterprise client communication efficiency, what does this WeCom upgrade mean for luxury players in China? First, it will be a bonus for luxury house CRM teams, particularly customer retention. Previously, sales associates would add customers through their personal WeChat accounts. However, brands would likely lose those clients when a salesperson would leave. WeCom ensures a brand’s customers will stay in its data pool.

Meanwhile, not each consumer has access to the items on their wishlists, especially when it comes to hot-selling and limited-edition products. In that case, customers can message sales assistants to make orders and pay by scanning QR codes from WeCom — without worrying about the authenticity of their payments. Just another win for the WeChat ecosystem.

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